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FlippingSmart DIY

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In just a few short weeks, 
you will know how to:


> Confidently Take the Right Action Steps.

Imagine not having to guess anymore about what you should be doing to get your first flip done (the smart way). No more searching Google for the how-to steps, and trying to piece together a bunch of vague information from random people.


> Stop Languishing in Fear.

Everyone is scared. Are you going to let that control you and keep you playing small or will it propel you toward success? Honestly, it is your choice. And only your choice. At some point, if you want different results than you are currently getting, you have to let go, find a mentor/coach you connect with, and trust yourself.


> Target the Best Neighborhoods and Properties in Your Market with Laser-Focused Precision.

I believe in facts and data, and as a real estate investor you should, too. I teach you exactly what data to look at, and how to interpret it so that you know what buyers want, and where they want it . . . in your target market. Unlike 90% of other newbies, you'll never waste time chasing bad deals that will likely lose money. The way you'll be able to understand your market is better than most real estate agents even do. Truth.


> Find, Analyze & Finance Deals Like a Seasoned Pro.

Arm yourself with the right tools (spreadsheets for estimating repairs and After Repair Values, and calculators for identifying the maximum offer and acceptable profit on a property) so you can jump on the best deals, quickly and smartly. And get those deals funded by your choice of lenders. 


> Manage Contractors, Budgets & Timelines With Total Confidence.

Have the right documents in place with your contractors so you can terminate when necessary and penalize for overdue projects, keeping you in control of the project's overall budget and timeline. Know exactly what should happen when across the entire renovation.


> Minimize Your Risk.

There are many ways to do so, across the entire course of a flip. It all starts with forming the right type of business entity for maximum protection. Then, only choosing the right properties to flip. Then, capitalizing on the power of leverage and using Other People's Money (or OPM).  Then, renovating it to meet buyers' expectations. Then, positioning it to sell for top dollar.


> Unlock Hidden Value. Position & Market Your Project for Maximum Profit.

What little things do buyers pay more for? What details can you include to swiftly tip buyers away from the competition? How do you price to sell quickly AND make the best profit possible? You'll know all of these things and more.


> Generate Income On Demand.

One of the best things about flipping houses is the level of control you can have over your finances. Want more time freedom? Flip fewer houses. Willing to trade time for more income? Flip more houses. It's really quite simple.

What Other Awesome Women Are Saying:

“I just signed up 3 days ago and I told my husband it's already worth the investment, and then some! Thanks for the great coaching!”


“You ROCK!”


“I know I keep saying this but I am really enjoying everything with this process! Thank you for your encouragement and support - much appreciated! I love the updates from everyone in the group.”